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The 'Triple Crown of Health and Wellness' course!

The Triple Crown of Health and Wellness for individuals is excited to announce the launching of its online home study to the general public. This curriculum will include the basic science and the proven alternative health modalities backing all three facets of the crown. Once completed your will receive your TC (Triple Crown) certification. We will offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.



The Triple Crown of Health and Wellness for professionals will introduce health professionals of different disciplines to proven alternative medical modalities to support and return the body to homeostasis (balance.) It will be accredited and provide continuing education credits. The Triple Crown will have a powerful impact on the wellness industry as we implement the various protocols in clinical settings throughout the country.

Introducing Dr. Denise Tropea

Co-Author and Master Trainer

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Dr. Denise Tropea, an expert podiatrist and surgeon, will be spearheading our ‘Triple Crown of Health and Wellness’ series.  A curriculum that will focus on the importance of microcirculation, oxygen therapy, DNA repair, and DNA nutrition, supported by the power of quantum energy medicine.

Dr. Tropea will cover the power of neurofeedback to reset the brain waves, creating a powerful series. This advanced course offers doctors and laymen alike the insights and profound teachings offering the first course of its kind.

A true advancement in the area of health and wellness; a proven, studied protocol that offers the body a way to return to homeostasis (balance).

Paul Weaver: Co-author and Master Trainer

Paul is the manager for a supplement brokerage representing some of the finest health companies in the Natural Products industry.  With previous experience as a distributor, wholesaler, and retailer, plus training in yoga, Reiki, and Applied Kinesiology, Paul is also a vegan living food/nutritional consultant.  He has given hundreds of educational trainings to staff personnel and customers; spoken on numerous live radio shows, and been a consultant to competitive athletes.  His training with some of the world’s finest professional formulators, educators, and healers will help you master the skills for Optimal Health.