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What is BEMER Technology? BEMER is a biophysical activation that actives the body’s own process of self-healing. With leading-edge technology and research, BEMER has been found to effectively stimulate restricted or defective microcirculation. The effects on the human body are tremendous, as it aids in prevention, healing, recovery, and regenerative processes. Other benefits include:

  • improved supply and waste disposal for organs and tissue
  • support for the healing of wounds and sport injuries
  • support for the immune system
  • reduced susceptibility to infections
  • better resistance to free radicals
  • reduced consequences of stress
  • increase in performance capacity as well as maximum load intensity
  • shorter regeneration times in sport training
  • better effectiveness of training and reduced risk of injury during sports

BEMER Horse Set

The BEMER Horse-Set opens new possibilities in all aspects of caring for your horse. It supports healing and promotes regeneration – and can even be used preventively. It also optimizes suppleness, allowing your horse to exercise more efficiently, so he can relax more easily and recover from exertion faster.

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