What Is Microcirculation?


Your vascular system’s first line of defense.


Endocalyx - Microcircultion Supplement

Miracle Of Microcirculation

The miracle of microcirculation can not be underestimated. As we age,circulation becomes impaired and is a contributing factor to a host of health conditions, Health conditions such as diabetes,dementia and premature aging just to name a few.

Microcirculation Enhancement Devices

The science behind enhancing the circulation is illustrated in this video.
There are two alternative proven ways to increase circulation, one is the utilization of magnets and the other is a combination of heat and pressure.This branch of science is continually evolving as we learn more about the benefit of improving microcirculation.

Lymphatic System Overview

The Lymphatic System plays an integral part in proper  circulation and a strong  immune system. The lymphatics work in tandem with capillaries to detoxify and remove excess fluid in the body.The flow of lymph is blocked and cannot flow towards the heart it accumulates in tissues and lymphedema will occur.