Oxygen Therapies

What is LiveO2?

LiveO2 oxygenation is power.

Live02 vs. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

One 15-minute Live02 session is studied to be equivalent to 40 hyperbaric dives.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

This short video discusses the basic science behind hyperbaric oxygen and what a patient can expect from treatment.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Works

Dr. Paul Harch explains how hyperbaric oxygen can enhance tissue function and fight infection when utilized in this condition. The COVID -19 virus has caused a wound in the lungs and hyperbaric treatment may be beneficial in assisting in the healing process.

Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen has specific biochemical actions and is considered a drug. It has a distinct range of effective doses to assist in healing certain conditions.

Miraculous Story of Eden Carlson

This is the miraculous story of Eden Carlson, who drowned, and with the brilliance of Dr. Harch and Dr. Fogerty, they were able to restore her brain, and offer Eden an unprecedented recovery.