When you think of oxygen…

When you think of Oxygen what first comes to mind?

The majority of people would say “it is vital for life” because without it we would cease to exist. Oxygen has the potential to heal, detoxify the body and produce immediate inflammatory reduction. It also has the potential to turn on or off about 40 % of our genes and stimulate growth repair hormones and inhibit cell death when subjected to a pressurized chamber.

  A modality such as the Live O2 system moves as much oxygen into the cells and targets the microcirculation. This patented system made in the USA accelerates the health and exercise routines for all ages. The system can be customized to the clients needs and fitness goals.

This is an oxygen training method that utilizes exertion to facilitate the natural transport of oxygen to the tissues. The root cause of many diseases can be due to oxygen deficiency and or inflammation and the Live O2 system can assist in addressing these. Healthcare practitioners have seen positive results very quickly with this modality when they have been challenged with treating chronic pain , fatigue and brain trauma.

We encourage one and all to experience this modality so stayed tuned for our announcement when one will be available in your area.