DNA Repair

Our optimal health begins at the DNA level. It is the foundation of our existence. DNA resides in the nucleus  (center area) of all the cells in our body. The DNA makes the RNA which travels out of the cell and in turn directs other cells to what is needed for cell production or repair. Every second the body creates millions of cells having the copy of the parent DNA. Our bodies need millions of nucleotides on a continual basis.

What is DNA and RNA made of ?

They are made of nucleotides and there are about 3 billion pairs on a single strand of DNA. The main source of nulceotides should be obtained through the diet but the modern diets of today have significantly low amounts of these vital nutrients as compared to 50 years ago. A diet deficient in nucleotides can lead to health issues over time.

Nucleotides also take part in repair of the DNA, to correct damage due to toxins, UV radiation and copying errors. Supplementation with Imuregen will assist the body in achieving balance ( homeostasis ) and support the immune system.